metaphysics has been in Greece since the start of the age kuo. Starting from natural philosophers-philosophers to Aristotle (284-322 BC). Aristotle himself never wear the term metaphysics. Aristotle mentions something that examines the things that nature outside physics as the first philosophy (prote philosophia) to differentiate it from the second philosophy that is a discipline that examines the things that nature physics.

Metaphysics derives from the Greek ta meta ta physica "which comes after Physics" Metaphysics is often referred to as a philosophy of discipline terumit and require very high abstraction power (like a student to learn them spend thousands and thousands of tons of rice), ber-metaphysics require enormous intellectual enersi thus making not all interested people devoted to it.

 Relation to communication theory, metaphysics is concerned with things: 1) human nature and its relationship with contextually and reality in the universe; 2) properties and facts for the purpose of, behavior, causes, and rules; 3) options, especially the Problem of freedom versus determinism in human behavior.

 The importance of metaphysics for discussion of philosophy of communication, quoted opinion Jujun S Suriasumantri in his "philosophy of science" says that metaphysics is a study of the nature of the presence of substances, the nature of the mind, and the nature of substance with regard to mind. According to Aristotle, the metaphysics of objects there are two: As existing; Science review that there it is in the form semurni-pure,

 that a body that truly exist within the meaning of the word is not affected by the change, or it can be the adoption by the five senses.
Metaphysics also called ontology. As divine; the absolute existence, that do not depend on the other, namely God (divine means that cannot be captured by the five senses).

Epistemology; is a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, the properties, methods, and limits of human knowledge (a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods and limits of human knowledge).

 METAPHYSICS is a power that lies in the mental strength, sense of mind, heart, soul and all of the physical human body, which if man could resurrect the performance of all elements of their bodies, then they have a very powerful force.

In spiritual terms, better known as the occult (which his strength could be from outside element i.e. a genie or qorin/sedulur papat) and the term for those who dabble in pencak silat world and sports referred to as metaphysical breathing, energy, an energy core located on the power of the breath and the mind (visualization).

So basically the metaphysical, Occult and Power is a series, which boils down to enable the power/energy that comes from the strength of Non-science. And in the Majapahitsakti element is activated by opening the chakra 7 major chakras as well as controlling khadam, either from qorin or from outside IE the occult Rijalu


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